Wedding Trends 2020 – Sustainability

During the last couple of years caring for the environment has been a huge topic for discussions within the wedding planning communities and not only.

That been said sustainability is turning out to be one of our favourite wedding trends for 2020.

Of course there are the obvious ways to support environment love during your big day, like reducing the use of plastic or use no plastic at all. But lets look at some more ideas that can help our planet stay green!

When it comes to floral decorations for example, try to source flowers that are seasonal and are grown from local suppliers and florists. Try to look for living plants in environment friendly cool containers like clay ones. Living plants can be gifted to your guests for them to replant.

When it comes to sourcing supplies for your wedding in general, try to find as many local products as possible. Wine for instance is one of the elements that couples mostly tend to source from overseas, an action that has a huge negative impact on their carbon footprint.

Replace paper confetti with flower petals and paper place settings with seasonal fruit or vegetables. These can add great colours to your wedding especially when themed. Keep in mind that a smell themed event is still a big trend so how about tables covered with fresh lemons and white rose petals! Also, a mirror used to create a sparkly table plan instead of a carton board can be the perfect piece of home decor after the big day.

Ask your venue or planner to provide you with recycling bins for your guests and decorate them according to the design of your event.

Guests and professionals involved with your wedding will surely appreciate your effort for a ‘greener’ wedding and you will be promoting an amazing trend as well. Don’t forget that it is you, the client, that sets the level of demand in the market, so the more you request the more planners and suppliers will be obliged to provide.

Happy planning!

Lila x

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