Wedding Trends 2020 – Floral Clouds

As we keep exploring the 2020 wedding trends we cannot help but notice floral clouds making their big entrance. Floral installations have been an all time classic as wedding reception decorations, however, modern couples are looking into more creative and modern ways of using flowers for their big day.

Floral clouds not only add that fairy-tale feeling during your celebrations but when it comes to table area decoration they act as huge space savers allowing more room for your tableware and a more conversation friendly atmosphere for your guests as eye contact is not limited amongst them.

So go ahead and move your floral statement installations from the table towards the ceiling. Ask your florist or event planner for suggestions on what flowers is best using; pampas grass, hydrangeas, gypsophila and many more are great options due to the volume they add. Enhance the beauty of your floating cloud by spraying with paint or adding fairy-lights.

”Flower clouds are such a statement piece of décor, they work well for most venues, wedding themes and styles because they are so versatile. They are a real show stopper.” says venue stylist Sandra Trusty from Fabulous Functions UK. ” I fall in love with each colour combination I work with as it’s the interpretation of each colour and how I put them together that makes every wedding so unique and special.” she adds.

So there you have it! Flowers, colours and lights all wrapped up in a dreamy cloud floating above you giving that extra piece of magic to your unforgettable big day.

Images: Sandra @ Fabulous Functions UK ~ Louise @ Wendy House Flowers

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