Reasons To Get Married In Greece

Greek poet and Nobel Prize in literature 1979 winner, Odysseas Elytis, once said: ”If you break Greece apart in pieces, all you will be left with is an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat; that is all you need to build it back up”.

Years later it is so exciting to see that it is in that exact phrase where Greece’s minimalism, beauty and influence is really hiding. The same beauty and influence that has attracted so many tourists to the country and made so many couples decide to host their weddings there, especially on the Greek islands.

With natural surroundings giving you the feeling of being in a fairy tale, who could think of a better place for one of the biggest celebrations of their lives. Think of the sunsets of Santorini, the sunrises of Mykonos, the traditional chapels of Astipalea, the beautiful waters of Crete, the unique villages of the Peloponnese mountains and the list can go on for ever.

With such a big variety of settings, Greece can satisfy all event needs and budgets. There is no limit to your options and there is for sure a location for your preferred event design to fit perfectly in, even if you are looking to have a city wedding. With the capital Athens, the beauty of the north Thessaloniki and so many other gems, it is love at first sight.

Furthermore, when it comes to a wedding we all know that one of the most important elements of the event is the food. It is one of the things to be remembered by your guests and several conversations will be going on around it. Mediterranean gastronomy is an art. Greek food is delicious! It can be simple and traditionally minimal combining fresh ingredients with vegetables, meat or fish; but it can also be complex and modern when talented Greek chefs decide to work their miracles.

Last but not least, always keep in mind the Greek hospitality, famous since the ancient years. Rest assured that from the minute you set foot in the country you become aware of the welcoming mentality, the generosity and the will to always help coming from the locals. With beautiful traditions and years of wisdom passed on to them you will always see a happy and smiley face ready to assist you with anything you need. There is no bigger relief than that, when you are hosting such an important event away from home.

Destination weddings in Greece have been particularly popular during the last few decades. The demand for such events has led to many professionals of the wedding industry becoming extremely successful with regards to the services they provide. With a huge number of venues, planners and suppliers, organising a wedding to remember in Greece can be a piece of cake! So if you are planning of getting married abroad, look no further! Endless blue sky, crystal clear sea and lots of happy faces are waiting for you in this beautiful country!

Happy planning!

Lila x

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