Balloon Decorations

Balloons have been associated with all sorts of celebrations or festivities for a long time.

Whether it is a wedding, a baby shower or a birthday celebration balloons are one of the most cost effective decorations, yet spectacular and unique.

With modern balloon art so many styles and ways of set up have become available. Mirror effect, metallic colours or even transparent filled with confetti, balloons can come together to create a beautiful installation for your special event.

Colourful arches of balloons combined with flowers are a very popular option lately especially for events related to children. Moving over to social media world, who isn’t looking for the perfect photo during a party; balloon walls create the ideal artistic backdrop for your guests to capture moments during your big day. Garlands are a favourite trend right now so why not add a runner of mini balloons mixed with flowers or foliage on your table.

And lets not forget what balloons are best at doing. Flying! Create balloon clouds to match the theme and colour palette of your event and let them hang from the ceiling. Use balloon clouds to decorate the upper part of your rentals such us your cake station or even an open bar!

From simple to extravagant, balloons are one of the most fun and in fashion decorations to use. With no limits to creativity, feel free to combine them with different elements such as flowers, fabric or fairy lights. Ask your planner and balloon supplier for suggestions on set up, colours and sizes and be prepared to amaze your guests.

Happy planning!

Lila x

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