Summer Party For Your Family At Home

The sun is finally starting to shine, the cloudy days are getting less and less and in any other case it would be about time for everyone to enjoy the outdoors and a bit of fresh air. Since we are going through a ‘quarantine at home period’ however, we are all trying to find creative and fun ways of spending our time with our family. A mini garden party is a way to do so and putting it together is not as hard as you might think. Garden parties are a huge highlight of summer anyway, so who says you cannot have one just for you and your beloved housemates. It is all about the food, drinks and music.

Below are some tips on how to organise a mini summer party in your garden for you and your loved ones.


Make a list of your favourite summer foods and the ones you particularly enjoy when attending a summer party. Don’t forget about the all time favourite BBQ. If you have one incorporate ingredients and thinks you wish to cook in your list as well as the charcoal. If you are not looking to have cooked food, sandwiches and cold pasta salads are an option that always goes well. Carry on with your list by adding dessert options. Ice creams, fruit kebabs or platters are a great idea. Don’t forget about the snacks such as crisps, carrot sticks, olives, cheese, bread and sauces. Once you finish your list put everything you don’t have already in the house on your general shopping list and go shopping when scheduled.


For your drinks (alcoholic and not) follow the exact same procedure as for your food above. Remember that cold drinks are the number one option for a warm day out in the garden, however you may be craving for a warm cup of tea or coffee towards the end of the day and as the sun starts to go down; so make sure you have enough. If there are children in the family prefer to go for healthier options such as juice and milk, and not just soft drinks. Last but not least do not forget about the ice.


A few days before your party organise a music activity for everyone in the household. Get each member of the family to come up with their favourite tracks and put them together on a playlist on your computer. For the more traditional or old school members of the family, ask them for a collection of CD’s or even vinyls if available. It is essential to have as many songs as possible ready for the day. On your party day remember to keep the music volume at a reasonable level so that you do not disturb any of your neighbours.

Decorations and Furniture.

If you have summer furniture stored away for winter now is the time to use them. Make sure you have a table big enough to accommodate your food and drinks. A parasol would come in handy as well for the moments you feel like you need some shade. Small garden gazebos are an option too should you have one.

For the little ones of the family try creating a teepee tent. You only need some basic materials like wooden dowels and rope for the frame; for the tent you can use their favourite bed linen combining lots of colours and patterns. From your taller plants hang ribbons and pieces of old cloths you don’t need any more. Use your trees and washing line to hang lanterns and fairy lights from your in storage Christmas decorations. Lay colourful blankets and cotton sheets on the grass along with cushions from your living room where you can relax and enjoy your day.

Organising a summer party for your loved ones while at home can be very fun and exciting. All you have to think of is the things you enjoy when it comes to food, drinks, music and activities. Make sure to ask everyone to help with ideas and preparation so that each member of the household feels like they are given an extra chance to spend their time creatively. And by all means make it a day to remember; take photos and videos on your phones, ask the kids to make drawings of flowers and bugs in your garden or make cards with nice wishes to send to your loved ones. Most importantly remember to remain socially responsible; this party is just for you and the rest of the members of the house. For now. Soon you will be able to enjoy the proper big one with lots of fun and hugs! Till then…

Stay home!

Stay safe!

Happy planning!

Lila x

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