Gender Neutral Baby Shower

For many moms and dads to be the pregnancy period is for sure very exciting and full of everyday challenges. A super cute baby shower is guaranteed to put that extra smile on the future parents’ faces and on those of their guests. It is, however, very common that modern couples choose to keep the gender of the baby as a surprise for after the birth; a choice that raises the question of how to plan a baby shower. It is surprising to see that avoiding the overtired blue or pink themes leads to very inventive, unique and creative concepts for a very fresh and modern party.

Building a baby shower theme means that after deciding on it you need to orchestrate all the aspects involved accordingly. Invitations are a key point as they will give the sense of the theme to your guests and keep them intrigued about something special to come. All decorations including cutlery, crockery, linens, florals, furniture, favours and lights should follow and be able to tell the story by combining relevant visuals, patterns and colour pallets. Food, drinks, sweets and music are elements that are a crucial part of the final picture as they have a lot to offer to the designing process. Last but not least, for the theme of a baby shower you must not forget to incorporate the styling of the diaper decoration station and the selection of games.

Coming up with theme ideas for a gender neutral baby shower is not as difficult as you might think. Look for ideas in every day life, nature or even at a single colour. Below you will find some inspiration and tips on gender neutral baby shower themes and how to make them come to life.

1.Lemons baby shower

Lemons as a theme can work very nice for a lot of parties and especially for spring or summer baby showers. Combine them with Amalfi Coast patterns and a selection of florals such as sunflowers and white hydrangeas. Use lemons or mini lemon trees as centre pieces for your tables. The beloved citrus fruit can be the basic ingredient on main foods and drinks on your stations; try lemon drizzle cakes and pink lemonades. Add some extra foliage or blue linens to match your main colours.

2. Star baby shower

Make your baby shower stand out by using stars as a concept. Stars can of course be combined with other elements related to the sky such us the moon and clouds. Use star shaped balloons and glitter. Light blue, white, grey, yellow and metallic gold are colours ideal for a star theme party. Use little animals on your stationary or even printed on your paper napkins for that extra baby cuteness factor.

3. Pure white baby shower

Using a single colour as the main theme for your baby shower is a top trend at the moment. With that in mind there is nothing as chic and modern as white. Use white on everything involved in your unique party; desert bars, furniture, drink stations, balloon installations, flowers, tableware and stationary. Add small and light hints of other colours such as lilac or grey. Be prepared to amaze your guests as the all white theme can be a very glamorous version of minimalism.

4.Story baby shower

Books or stories are a perfect option for a baby shower theme. Choose from traditional favourite fairy tales or any other classic children’s stories. Before you start on bringing the party together make sure that you are more than familiar with the content of the book. Highlight all the key points and the ones that you are mostly fond of. All your decorations, tableware, food, desserts, drinks and of course music should be thematic in order for your guests to be transferred to the world of your chosen story.

Like with any other type of party or event, for a baby shower to be successful it needs to have a style and character that represents you and your taste. The good news is that you can now avoid overdone themes that you have repeatedly come across and go for the one that best describes you. With endless choices and alternatives you will for sure find out that you can go as over the top or as simple as you wish. Make it a wonderful and fun day and create as many memories as possible for you and that cute little bun in the oven that will be joining you soon.

Stay home!

Stay safe!

Happy planning!

Lila x

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