Sleepover Party Planning

Hosting a sleepover party for your little one is usually a very exciting and happy occasion. Overnights are not only a blast for children but experts advice that they do play a fundamental role for the child’s growth. They can contribute to crucial personality features as children can practice being independent and social with their peers as well as confident about taking care of others and all that within the boundaries of a safe environment such as their own home.

Although a sleepover party is pure fan for the younger one’s, it also is a big challenge for the parents that are hosting. Regardless of the planning procedures the real struggle is within the pressure of responsibility that comes with taking care of children other than your own. As a parent trying to host a sleepover party for your child there are many tips and pieces of advice to keep you creative and sane during the planning period as well as during the actual party. Below you will find a few.

Make sure you child is ready

Children start showing signs of being ready to socialise to the point of having friends staying over, around the age of 8 experts say. It is more common and easier for a child of a younger age to spend the night along with close family such as cousins rather than with friends. When your child is ready to have friends staying over it will show, as they will start wanting to get involved in the planning procedure themselves. You will notice that they will be able to make sleeping arrangements and maybe choose games and activities for example. You also need to make sure that the children invited are ready to spent a night away from their home. If you have any doubts it is a good idea to have an opt out option available meaning that should any child feel uncomfortable or homesick during the stay they can always get picked up by their parents regardless of the time.

Choose the invitations

Like with any other event the invitations are the first to set the mood and give a taste of how the party will be like. In the occasion of a sleepover and since children are involved the cuter the better. There are endless options in patterns and colours you can choose from for your invitation cards. If your party is based on a theme you will of course incorporate that in the decorations. Necessary details need to be included in the invitations as well, to help other parents prepare properly. If you are providing matching pyjamas for your guests, for example, remember to mention that along with other important information. Lastly, try to get your child involved in the designing process as it is one more great way to bond with them and enhance their creativity and imagination.

Control your guest list

Hosting a sleepover party does not necessarily mean that it needs to be crowded with children. Especially if you are new to it, starting with a small number of young ones invited, like 3 or 4, is ideal. Once you get the hang of it you can go up in numbers for future parties. Personalities of the children involved are to be considered too. A sleepover party is not so much the time for making new friends so narrow your list of guests down to children your little one knows rather well and has had at least a few play-dates with.

Snacks and food

A sleepover is a very big deal for a child and an extremely fun occasion as well. Saying that, this may be the time to spoil children a little bit and allow them to indulge in terms of food. Although there is a variety of foods and snacks you could prepare and cook, try to include some of the classic and basic ones you can find in the stores to make sure that you cover everyone’s taste and everybody finds something that they enjoy eating. Just make sure no sugary treats are available for at least one hour before bedtime so that energy levels start to drop. Crisps, candy, pop corn, cookies, milk, fruit and many more can be included in your party grocery shopping list.

Be thoughtful of the parents.

A successful sleepover party is immediately connected with how well all the parents are kept informed. Details such as drop off and pick times, types of meals, essentials that children need to bring with them, supervision plans, games and activities and contact numbers should be shared and be clearly stated to the rest of the parents with respect to possible concerns or worries they might have. Make the effort to contact each of the parents individually in case they need to inform you about specific matters you must be aware off like a food allergy for example.

Friendly and cosy bedroom

Although throughout the party the children will be wondering around the house the main room of the occasion is the one they will be spending the night in. Very often a child’s bedroom is not big enough to accommodate a sleepover so parents decide to have everything set up in the living room. Use blow up mattresses and bed linen of happy and colourful patterns. Cushions and blankets create a very welcoming effect for younger ages as well as fairy lights and stuffed toys. For a decoration bonus add teepee tents over the mattresses that will help the children feel safe and relaxed as well.

Keep the children safe

For the duration of the party you shall make sure you keep all children within hearing distance. Put in place a plan of checking in with them and stick to it. For example, decide if you want to pop around the room every 20 or 30 minutes and try not worry about being intrusive; remember these are children not adults. It is very important to observe each kid individually as well to avoid any situations getting out of control. For that reason, more than one adult in the house is always more preferable. It goes without saying that basic safety guidelines, such as smoke alarms are to be followed as well.

Planning and hosting a sleepover party can be an unforgettable experience for children. It is very important to remember to keep them involved in the process as, at the end of the day, they are the ones that know their friends better and are aware of what they like and not. Be prepared with some activities and games but do not struggle too much with the idea of how the evening will roll pleasantly; remember that children are experts at entertaining themselves. When you have finished with the planning side of things, and the party is about to commence, try to be a part of it as much as you can and amuse your inner child as well. Take many photos and videos and capture memories for your future adult daughter or son to look at and enjoy.

Stay home!

Stay safe!

Happy planning!

Lila x

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