Bridal Make-Up and Beauty

For most brides make-up is one of the most important parts of their preparation and of their whole wedding day. Brides very often have a long list of questions for make-up artists as they are looking to raise eye brows and wow not only their better half but their guests as well. With so much information on make-up these days, coming especially from social media platforms, it is very easy for a bride to get lost in ideas and suggestions and not pay attention to the basic make-up dos and don’ts. To avoid any bridal make-up disappointment it is very important to listen to the professionals. We spoke with Stephanie Morgan, founder and make-up artist at SJM Beauty and here is some advice and tips she shared with us.

1. What makes bridal make-up successful?

”I think listening to exactly what the bride is asking for and giving advice based on your own experience with different skin types, to come up with the best bridal make-up, is what makes it successful. I can always tell whether I have achieved my goal by looking at the bride the moment they stare at themselves in the mirror on their wedding morning, when they are all ready and they look truly stunning and most importantly they feel it. It’s an amazing feeling for a make-up artist to be a part of the biggest day of one’s life and to play such a crucial part in it too. I always know I’ve been successful in my job when my brides find every excuse to keep coming back to me, even after their wedding for make-up”.

2. What is the best way to decide on a colour palette for bridal make up?

When choosing the colours a bride wants for their make up there are a few key things they need to think about:

  1. the time of the year they are hosting their wedding; will it be hot or cold?
  2. the colour of their eyes and their general colour scheme.

For instance, if they are having a winter wedding they might like to go for cooler colours because we tend to be a little paler in the winter months and in the summer they should opt for warmer colours to compliment their tan. All brides need to be careful not to use a shade on their eyes that will clash with their natural colour; for example brown really works well and will enhance the beauty of blue eyes and pink or purple compliments green eyes very nice”.

3. What is the best time for a bridal makeup trial?

”I always recommend having at least one make-up trial before the wedding day, usually around 6-8 weeks prior to the event. The trial will give a bride the chance to really get to know their make-up artist and be clear on exactly what it is that they hope to achieve. When attending a trial they need to make sure that they have a really good idea of what they want and not to be afraid to share their opinions with the artist; if they are professional, they will accept any criticism and do their best to make changes. Furthermore, they shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a second trial as well if the first one wasn’t quite right. No one really knows what will suit them best until they give it a go, so it is perfectly normal for a bride to change their mind on what they thought they wanted initially. As exciting as it is, leaving their trial until at least two months before the big day, will help brides-to-be know exactly what their colour scheme will be on the day; their make-up artist won’t make any significant changes to her kit in that time as well. Another great tip is to try and book their trial for the same day as their hair-do trial. This way they can really get a sense of the full look”.

4. How to prepare the skin for the bridal make up on/before the wedding day?

”I highly recommend to brides to not change their skincare routine at all within 8 weeks of their wedding. This is because when one makes alterations and introduces new products to their skin it will quite often react and potentially bring them out in spots. So if a bride is going to splurge on new products they need to be sure to do it way in advance of the wedding and stay consistent with the new care routine. Moreover sticking with the basics like a good cleanse, tone and moisturise routine morning and night can never go wrong. A lot of skincare brands will do an easy 3 step routine, many of which are great for all skin types. Last but not least, remember to stay well hydrated leading up to the wedding day by drinking plenty of water and be sure to eat well”.

5. How to choose the best products for bridal make up?

”Make-up is a minefield, there are thousands of great products out there that can make it really hard to decide on what to buy, especially with the hefty price tag that comes with a lot of brands. A professional make-up artist will be able to give the best advice and recommendations on products based on each skin type. Brides need to opt for products that are long wearing and can withstand heat, especially if they are getting married in a warm destination abroad. If choosing not to have a make-up artist I would definitely recommend booking a one-to-one lesson with a local professional who can create a look for them to copy on the day along with giving them advice on the best products to use”

6. How does the weather or the season affect bridal makeup?

”Bridal make-up is always more of a challenge in the summer months and especially abroad to locations with very high temperatures. We naturally get quite sweaty in our T-zone and our oils will try to break through and therefore getting the right products, which will withstand the heat and last all day with minimal topping up, is so vital. I always advise my brides to purchase a small compact powder to use on the day when they feel a little oily. Dabbing some powder gently down the T-zone will keep the oils at bay and prolong their make-up. The winter months can also cause their own problems; if we are cold our nose will tend to run and there is a chance we could end up rubbing some of the make up off with tissues, so again my best advice is to keep that compact powder handy for little touch ups”.

There are many things related to make-up that will be integral prior as well as during a wedding day. For a bride to achieve them it is very important to be aware of her own characteristics and ready to discuss all the thoughts and opinions she and her bridal make-up artist have. But above all, a bride needs to remember that her natural beauty is her strongest card and as long as she feels good with herself there is no way she will not be stunning during the biggest day of her life!

Happy planning!

Lila x

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