Pastel Birthday Party

Pastel colours are a huge trend at the moment and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love them? Ideal to create super cute colour combinations, pastels can easily be found as an option on the majority of items that are essential for most celebrations, especially birthday parties. Keep your celebration decor super stylish and classy by combining lovely shades of pink, blue, purple, yellow and green. Here’s how to start planning on a pastel birthday party!

To begin with, decide on the theme that you will be using for your party. A Mermaid or Alice in Wonderland theme are some favourite options for pastel inspired celebrations. If you decide that a specific theme is not something you wish to go for then choosing a leading pastel colour will be a helpful planning move. If, for example, baby blue is your main shade you can use it as the base of your colour palette and build around it. No need to worry about colours not matching as all pastels work perfectly together.

Carry on with choosing your decoration items and party stationary. For your decorations there are limitless options and combinations and you can go as extravagant or as minimal as you wish. Favourite decoration items include tassel garlands, letter bandings, hanging paper fans and bee hives, linens, favours and of course flowers and balloons. When it comes to your stationary start with your invitations as it something you will be needing at a very early stage and as soon as your party is announced. Moving on from there, choose your pastel table settings, table plans, welcome boards and make sure not to forget about your wish book!

One of the most important parts when it comes to a birthday party is, of course, the food and drinks; and that does not only mean food colouring! The best way to start planning on your pastel inspired food is your cake. It is a wise option to trust a professional cake maker as they can work miracles with designs and colours. When it comes to the general set up of your food and beverages do not hesitate to mix and match on your buffet and tables. Pastel cutlery, crockery, glasses, napkins and many more can complement a variety of menus for your big day.

The finishing touches are extremely important when it comes to party planning as they are the ones that fulfil the whole design. Many items can help you put that extra bit of magic on your event; photography props, party hats, gift bags, candles and even take away cupcakes, for your guests to take home with them, can never go wrong and they are also ideal for colour mixing as they can be of all kinds of pastel shades.

Planning your pastel inspired birthday party can be considered a relatively easy project as it does not include many limitations, if not any. As long as you choose the right colours the combinations are easy and endless. Remember to be creative and combine your pastels with other colours, items and textures that compliment them such as metallics, lanterns, fairy- lights and wood. Get ready for some planning fun and be prepared to pleasantly surprise both you and your guests with your adorable pastel birthday party.

Happy planning!

Lila x

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