The Micro Wedding Trend

Organising a wedding is a big task, especially if you are a couple that is doing it without the help of a professional planner. Apart from the difficulty factor that comes with the project, there is of course the financial challenge as well. Modern weddings average over £20.000 and it is very well known that this number is highly affected by the size of the guest list. Many couples are torn on whether it is worth spending that amount of money, but on the other hand they still want to celebrate with their nearest and dearest instead of eloping, for example. Enter ‘Micro Wedding’, a trend that many brides and grooms love recently. Below you will find out what a micro wedding is and why many modern couples tend to choose one for their big day.

If a professional wedding planner was asked for a definition of the term micro wedding, they would describe it as an intimate celebration typically with no more than 25 guests, very often with way less than that. They would also add that during a micro wedding beloved traditions are honoured but to a much smaller extent than your average wedding; many brides choose to not proceed to tossing their bouquet, for example, but do stick to more sentimental traditions such as the speeches.

Whether you are thinking of hosting your micro wedding at your home country or abroad, be sure that there are many perks that are awaiting for you. To begin with, you will not miss out on all the fun since you will be experiencing the partying side of a wedding with your loved ones, instead of just officiating your marriage at your local town hall just the two of you. Furthermore, you will make the most of the intimacy and sharing your happy feelings during the day, something that is not so easy during a big wedding with a crowd of guests surrounding the couple. Last but not least, your creativity and imagination will not be restricted; with less people to keep happy the stress of planning decreases significantly, which means that you have more time for the fun part of designing and organising, putting together your ideas and working on your vision of your special day.

On the more practical side of things, there are some simple and basic steps to follow to make your life easier while planning your wedding, one of the most important being choosing your venue. Your guest list and your venue are closely connected. You do not want to choose a venue and find out that it is too small for the number of guests invited and the opposite. So working on those two parts of your wedding is something you should be doing simultaneously. Carry on with the ‘must haves’ of every successful wedding and these are no other than food, drinks, music and photography. As long as you are happy with the choices of the above your micro wedding cannot go wrong!

Turning to the professionals for assistance is something you can always keep in mind as an option. A professional planner, for instance, can help you with your initial design and give you tips on how to achieve your perfect micro wedding. Many do offer hourly rates so no need to worry about your budget either. Moreover, a local florist can help you with your table decorations. If no more than 10 guests are attending, you will not be having more than two tables for your reception so no huge flower displays are required. You will not be needing a team for set up either, so again you are cutting costs down.

When it comes to a micro wedding, the sentimental part of it is very important and something you do not always experience during a large event. Make sure you make your wedding meaningful. Small touches, such as having your pets with you for the whole day, can have such a huge impact. Making it personal for your guests is also the way to go. It is so much easier to have hand-painted mini portraits, instead of name tags, on the table for 6 guests than it is for 200! But above all make sure you are planning a day the exact way you both want it to be. As long as there is a happy couple, no wedding can go wrong!

Happy planning!

Lila x

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