Styling Your Event, The First Steps

With the first signs of hope spotted across the horizon nowadays, many fingers are crossed that the challenge also known as Covid-19 will soon belong to the past. Like with many other activities and parts of our everyday lives, events will slowly start coming out of hibernation and lord oh lord, we do need a good excuse to party.

With that being said, many individuals and couples are gradually getting more active with regards to their event and wedding planning schedules, respectively. But before moving to the more practical things the struggle that many are facing is real and common. How to style their event. It can be a tighter budget than usual, a matter of not being able to make up one’s mind or simply the fact that one has no idea whatsoever of what event styling is all about; regardless, the result is the same meaning that many end up feeling frustrated and sometimes even desperate.

But, because there is a big but in our story, thinking about and deciding on your event styling or even theme, if you prefer calling it that, really is not as big an issue as it may seem. Essentially all you really need to think about is you and your other half (if we are talking about a wedding) and pretty much what it is that you like and enjoy. No! Not for your event, but generally and in your everyday lives. Which is your favourite flower and what type of music makes you feel more like partying? What about your favourite foods or even cuisine? And of course colours; look at your clothes or your favourite wall in your house; you will definitely find hints there about color palettes that work best for you.

We are the people that are blessed and cursed at the same time by the two things that have pretty much defined our generation; the internet and information. Especially visual information. And of course when you are planning an event, while at the same time being bombarded by spectacular images of flower set ups or wedding cakes taller than the Big Ben itself, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. And also very humanlike to kind of want it all. But what you see and maybe even like is not necessarily what is best for you.

It would be helpful if you were to start the opposite way than normal, or what one could call the traditional way. Switch off your phone for a while and forget about social media. Think about all the things you like or have been dreaming to have as part of your event and take notes of them. Discuss your ideas with others involved in the big day. In general, imagine and think and use a pen and paper to record your imagination and thoughts. Then and after you have done so, you can refer to Instagram or Pinterest to expand your options a little more. But, by this time you will have the elimination process mastered and your searches will be more targeted to your personal requirements instead of being more generic and confusing. 

Overall, whether you are hosting a birthday party, an engagement celebration, a wedding or any other event remember that this is your day. It is meant to reflect you and make you happy before it does with anyone else. This means that your taste and what you need come first and before any trends or anything considered beautiful by others. Give your event your personal touch and rest assured that this is the first and most important step to successful and beautiful  event styling.

Happy planning!

Lila x

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