Your Pet At Your Wedding

Creating your wedding guest list is one of the most important parts of your planning journey. Most of the times that list will include your loved ones, meaning friends and family. For many couples, said loved ones often have four paws, and lets face it, that is the most adorable thing that could be.

Having your pet family member attending your wedding is not only very sentimental and a unique experience but also way easier than you think. In order to involve your pet in the day what you essentially need is to know them, their habits and character very well; something that you are already doing, right?

Whilst you are planning your wedding day you need to establish during which parts you want your fur baby to be right next to you. Make sure that you allow time in the itinerary for your pet to be prepared but also to not be deprived of their daily routine which includes things like feeding and walks. It is very likely that you will need assistance so do not hesitate to ask for it. Unless you have a wedding planner, you can go ahead and do the research yourself; there are plenty of professionals out there offering pet sitting services specifically for weddings. They can look after your little one, accompany them for those moments you cannot be with them, bring them to and take them back from the wedding location or even stay on site with them for the whole day instead of taking your pet back home.

The most important thing to understand when intending to include your pet in your wedding is that they are not humans, which means that they cannot have a perception of what is happening like you or your guests do. They and their well being are the priority and not you. If, for example, your pet is not comfortable with clothing do not force them into an outfit just for the sake of nice photos. What counts after all is that they are there with you.

Pets attending weddings of their humans is one of the most beautiful experiences and the memories that are created are so unique and valuable. If you are the bride or groom that cannot imagine their wedding day without your beloved baby, think no more and just go above and beyond to ensure that they are there and happy with you. With the right preparation and planning it is possible and there is no way that you will regret it.

Happy planning!

Lila x

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